A FREE and easy way that you can help...

12/11/2017 00:00

Amazon, the online retail company, has created a charitable program that contributes 0.5% of many online purchases to the charity of your choice.  Our hope, of course, is that you will choose Friends of Madison County Library.  Please understand that we are not endorsing Amazon, nor are we encouraging you to make any purchases through them that you wouldn't ordinarily make.  However, if you normally purchase items from Amazon throughout the year, we hope that you will help support the Madison County Library by clicking the "Get started" button in the AmazonSmile box below.


When you choose the charitable organization you wish to support, search for "Friends of Madison County Library Inc" and select it from the list (be sure to pick the one in Marshall, NC).  Your participation in this program is completely voluntary and anonymous.  If you decide to help the Madison County Library in this way, probably the hardest part will be remembering to shop at Smile.Amazon.com, rather than the "standard" site.